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Love and hate where is that line?

Either way, most individuals cannot comprehend the basic qualities in life unlike myself. I understand by looking at a picture of a couple smiling and having an awesome time, so it seems anyways it is not always as it seems either. Now other individuals assume by these photos all is well, well I’m here to tell you behind those fake smiles comes the real relationship, meaning love is pain and a job you will over your whole life endlessly continue working at to keep it a float. No relationships are a cake walk without any argumets, no hurting one another and one being selfish or the other always ending up being selfless. To test the time given you will be having to depend on one another to support and guide one another to keep your relationship alive. Also having kids yes a blessing but also a huge gap in a relationship with a couple kids will be the real test assuming one or both have resided with one another in the same house prior to getting married or being in this relationship.  The living toget her test or having children test wI’ll be that deal breaker but if your able to with stand those two things keep that partner with you no matter exactly how hard you guys may have to work in this relationship cause that individual is one in a million trust and believe.

A simple day


                                                                     A day when I simply want to cuddle lazily in the bed, turning my cell phone off, climbing in bed sliding beneath our feather filled comforter soo thick an heavy it makes a person sleepy by simply laying under my amazing feeling comforter. Watching movies played thousands of times cause even since the first time of watching these certain movies it never has gotten old and is highly entertaining to continue watching these movies. I want to get so many snack foods like devil cakes, oatmeal cookies with icing on top, also loving brownie with the chocolate sprinkles atop the brownies and peanuts. Going to grab some cookies to put in my Carmel delight ice cream topped with chocolate magic hardening shell and whipped cream plus a jar of cherries to really top off the ice cream. Going to gorge out on soda like mountain dews plus maybe some root beer floats and then going simply wear nothing while laying in bed under my stupendous comforter and watch my favorite movies just gorging out on my favorite snack foods and simply laydown in the bed going to sleep and pre paring for the following day with a absolutely full stomach and rested mind due to simply just allowing myself one single entire day spent doing my favorite things, consuming my favorite foods and watching my favorite films and simply laying down in my extremely comfortable comforter. It was a simple day to me. I just needed to clear my mind and make every single matter at hand another simple task to help ensure having a purely simple day and allowing the following day to become that much better.

By: Sharon Driver

Finding happiness in stress.

                 These merely are helpful activities when having a rough time in your life, everyone at some point in their lives may have a period of bad problems. Like we know the expression to state it perfectly: ” When it rain’s; it pour’s” ! This happens while we are doing our most trying in life, then we keep having down hill battles of one bad situation slipping right back into another one after another. As soon as it came to be here it will simply slip out of your life managing to find another poor soul and start destroying their lives for a period of time and so on. Loving to read and write; I seem to find this a nice quite activity if you are not a individual whom can sit long or simply isn’t a person to like just reading in a quite place, then I recommend doing these suggestion’s of physical activities which will give you a since of feeling much more healthy and more happier once in a routine of exercising daily.





      The wild lion resting sun bathing along side his pride, the pride made up of three males, four lioness and six cubs. Spending more than sixteen hours a day sleeping in tall grassy plains of sub-Sahara region of Africa, the males are prime mates and when one of the lioness leave the strongest scent of being in heat one of the males always stay by her side during her entire being in heat. Mating for only minutes literally but mating over a six day period every fifteen to thirty minutes until the scent of being in heat is completely disappeared. If a pride has a predator take the males another male will step in with the lioness and cubs, usually killing all the cubs and waiting for that familiar scent of the lioness being in heat and will mate with her making another set of cubs which would belong to that male . Fascinated by the wonders of the lion and the amount of time which is spent absolutely doing nothing, known to be the most lazy of cats sleeping sixteen to twenty hours daily and with the time spent awake they are hunting and protecting their pride. Scent is the way each member of the pride is able to make their own kills and protect the pride, strange scents allow the males to know when their is either danger or food in the area of their pride. Most individuals are unaware that a cat is able to catch wind of a scent from miles away and be waiting undetected from predators and for prey which is unaware of the cats location  all from the familiar smell of somethings scent in there area,


Starting a new job today


       Worrying he was just a replacement, considering the arrogant manner he was watching all his co-workers were treating him and since just meeting them all only two hours ago. Mister. Blankenship was smiling the minute he arrived at his new work place, yet all his co-workers were giving him the constant stink eye and not one single person has tried training and teaching him his new job requirements. It’s been the first five hours of working at a cubical and not understanding a single aspect of this jobs requirement’s, thankful lunch is only minutes away, thinking to him self about approaching mister. Blankenship and simply taking down notes of how too properly an successful complete his daily job requirement’s, and hoping the other workers will see him trying to be successful at this company and will stop all the dirty looks and whispering while he is approaching any of the closest co-workers. He is positive they will finally accept him when they see he wont need any of their help to achieve the skills needed to be successful at this work place. Understanding that he was actually the replacement from another employee that had been working for this company over two long decades prior to his arrival today, so now seeing exactly why the other co-workers didn’t welcome him with open arms and warm expressions. He can only just be more compassionate about the subject and start becoming successful at his work and hoping the workers will then start warming up to him and his days will become much easier. He will now be a individual who can give some good advice on what you should do when you find yourself in the same situation as him and that was starting work as the replacement of a senior e co-worker.