Laying across the couch watching my favorite television show late on Saturday, for some unknown reason I was unable to shake the feeling of being alone. I mustered the courage to sit up looking around aggressively to so see if a person was hiding in the shadows in the room with me, still shaking as the hair is standing up on my neck, goosebumps are spreading across my entire body, feeling eye’s on me but I cannot seem to find a living soul individual with in my eye’s view. Now Laying once again down to try falling asleep again the inner voice of mine is screaming at the top of her lungs, it’s my instincts pushing me to feel that I am no longer alone, there is a supernatural presence in my apartment. I know strange events have been going on daily, things being moved and things disappearing into thin air and never being return.

The fear is grasping me too keep me wide awake, afraid to close my eyes in case the presence does something to startle me and going with my instincts that there is a bad situation coming, feeling that it wants to feed on my fear but how can an individual take fear out of them when we are unable to see the individual who is a dead person or worse a demonic presence and either way my gut feeling is telling me to get up and get out right now. It’s just yelling at me loudly ” Get out, I can feel it no longer wants me to be staying in this home and it considers my home to be its home”.

I now decided to get up get in my car and leave, never having went back to the house and so glad the next tenants moved into that rental house and they died in a freak accident the paper stated, and it was during the wee hours in the early morning they were deepoly asleep and the house caught fire killing the couple.


Author: beautyinlife75

I am a 33 year old woman. I have six children whom are what make's my heart beat my lungs breathe and life to have any worth for my living. I am a recovering addict with only a couple years under belt to be doing a diary on now. If I am capable of helping even one reader or relating to another person in the same difficult way then I am definitely doing my job. I also love doing any short storied and creative writing wanting to start my passion of writing.

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