People do make mistakes


Laughter filling the halls of this music radio station. Seeing people leaving with tears just a flowing while looking totally embarrassed. I made a pre done record for my interview for a radio jokey during late night radio. People have seemed to always have found my voice so soothing and calming so making this record was a huge move and I am praying I don’t regret making it for the gentleman who is now telling me to enter his tiny corner office for my interview. I simply say to him, ” I know you are looking for a soothing females voice to comfort stressed callers with some pretty messed up lives right? I have made you a record to listen too while we are doing this interview and you will be able to know what I would actually should like live instead of just visualizing it.” So he walked over with this corky smile on his lips, he went to say something but guessing he wanted to wait or just see what my record actually sounded like and if I actually would be a good fit for this radio station. My cheeks now burning bright candy apple red from being embarrassed. He went over to his desk and begun playing my record, though he had one hell of a poker face cause he wasn’t allowing me the tiniest emotion on his face which would’ve been cool too me so I would no where I stood now. The record finally reached the ending and he smiled at me so happy, shook my hand and told me welcome to the wxii 207,8 station of classic rock. You will be training on ever other night come in tomorrow at 8pm and I will give tou further instructions.


Author: beautyinlife75

I am a 33 year old woman. I have six children whom are what make's my heart beat my lungs breathe and life to have any worth for my living. I am a recovering addict with only a couple years under belt to be doing a diary on now. If I am capable of helping even one reader or relating to another person in the same difficult way then I am definitely doing my job. I also love doing any short storied and creative writing wanting to start my passion of writing.

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