Lovely days sunlight.


        The sun shines in through my bay window, centered in the living room of my newly bought home, when the sun flows a bright lemon yellow into my house it sparkles mixed colors off the art work through out the entire home, and giving it accent from the beautiful flowing colors of the sunlight.

         Loving the warmth that radiates off the sunlight flowing around my home, the lovely color just makes me feel more alive looking at the reflections of the lemon colored sunlight mixing with all the fabulous  colors of my art work, it makes me want to get straight up and start working in my garden.

      life is much more exciting when spending a full day outside during a full bright sun filed sky above, the flowers are brilliantly sparkling from the rays flowing down off the lovely lemon colored sunlight. Loving the reflection that ripples over the fairly large lake just in my back yard.

       It saddens me to see the lowering off sunlight as day slowly turns to darkness of night. Though at daybreak the colors are welcoming and warm, nice oranges mixed perfectly with yellow and red as well making it a wonderful filled experience if you are able to just have extra time to sit and watch the colors slowly fade into darkness, the seeing the stars began to sparkle as they one by one pop up .

By: Sharon Driver


Author: beautyinlife75

I am a 33 year old woman. I have six children whom are what make's my heart beat my lungs breathe and life to have any worth for my living. I am a recovering addict with only a couple years under belt to be doing a diary on now. If I am capable of helping even one reader or relating to another person in the same difficult way then I am definitely doing my job. I also love doing any short storied and creative writing wanting to start my passion of writing.

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