The wild lion resting sun bathing along side his pride, the pride made up of three males, four lioness and six cubs. Spending more than sixteen hours a day sleeping in tall grassy plains of sub-Sahara region of Africa, the males are prime mates and when one of the lioness leave the strongest scent of being in heat one of the males always stay by her side during her entire being in heat. Mating for only minutes literally but mating over a six day period every fifteen to thirty minutes until the scent of being in heat is completely disappeared. If a pride has a predator take the males another male will step in with the lioness and cubs, usually killing all the cubs and waiting for that familiar scent of the lioness being in heat and will mate with her making another set of cubs which would belong to that male . Fascinated by the wonders of the lion and the amount of time which is spent absolutely doing nothing, known to be the most lazy of cats sleeping sixteen to twenty hours daily and with the time spent awake they are hunting and protecting their pride. Scent is the way each member of the pride is able to make their own kills and protect the pride, strange scents allow the males to know when their is either danger or food in the area of their pride. Most individuals are unaware that a cat is able to catch wind of a scent from miles away and be waiting undetected from predators and for prey which is unaware of the cats location  all from the familiar smell of somethings scent in there area,



Author: beautyinlife75

I am a 33 year old woman. I have six children whom are what make's my heart beat my lungs breathe and life to have any worth for my living. I am a recovering addict with only a couple years under belt to be doing a diary on now. If I am capable of helping even one reader or relating to another person in the same difficult way then I am definitely doing my job. I also love doing any short storied and creative writing wanting to start my passion of writing.

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