Starting a new job today


       Worrying he was just a replacement, considering the arrogant manner he was watching all his co-workers were treating him and since just meeting them all only two hours ago. Mister. Blankenship was smiling the minute he arrived at his new work place, yet all his co-workers were giving him the constant stink eye and not one single person has tried training and teaching him his new job requirements. It’s been the first five hours of working at a cubical and not understanding a single aspect of this jobs requirement’s, thankful lunch is only minutes away, thinking to him self about approaching mister. Blankenship and simply taking down notes of how too properly an successful complete his daily job requirement’s, and hoping the other workers will see him trying to be successful at this company and will stop all the dirty looks and whispering while he is approaching any of the closest co-workers. He is positive they will finally accept him when they see he wont need any of their help to achieve the skills needed to be successful at this work place. Understanding that he was actually the replacement from another employee that had been working for this company over two long decades prior to his arrival today, so now seeing exactly why the other co-workers didn’t welcome him with open arms and warm expressions. He can only just be more compassionate about the subject and start becoming successful at his work and hoping the workers will then start warming up to him and his days will become much easier. He will now be a individual who can give some good advice on what you should do when you find yourself in the same situation as him and that was starting work as the replacement of a senior e co-worker.


Author: beautyinlife75

I am a 33 year old woman. I have six children whom are what make's my heart beat my lungs breathe and life to have any worth for my living. I am a recovering addict with only a couple years under belt to be doing a diary on now. If I am capable of helping even one reader or relating to another person in the same difficult way then I am definitely doing my job. I also love doing any short storied and creative writing wanting to start my passion of writing.

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